Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From dusk ’til dawn on the revolution day

20.30 Early military movement; 4 Bangkok-Lopburi buses contain soldiers arrive at the Army head quarter along with other military vehicles.

21.00 Media secured; All major television channels stop broadcasting their own programme and replaced by King’s documentaries. Military took full control of news rooms.

21.30 Thaicom satellite takeover; 70 military men took over Thaicom satellite command station.

22.00 Tanks to government house, 10 tanks from the 4th cavalry division moved to the government headquarter. Once there, the army seized the place.

22.20 Thaksin declared state of emergency from New York. Thaksin tried to sack Sonthi Boonyaratklin, head of the army and the leader of Party of Democratic Reform (the revolutionary group). He tried to get supreme military commander to be in charge but also failed. The government spokesperson and the minister of foreign affair told international reporters that the government still has total control over the country. Of course not. Thaksin also canceled his address to the U.N. Rumor has it that Thaksin has made a deal with U.S. president Bush in flying U.S. commandos along with Thaksin to fight back to situation. Again, next to impossible.

23.00 The Party of Democractic Reform announced their first message on blue screen (TV) and radio confirming their take-over and ask for people cooperation.

23.50 The Party of Democratic Reform (PDR) announced their rationale in coup making. Mainly accused Thaksin government of creating prolonged crisis as well as inappropriate dealing with monarchy.

01.53 PDR announced Sonthi as acting prime minister. The constitution, cabinet, senate and constitution court are dropped.

2.41 PDR met the king. Announcing key civil servant officials to report in the morning at 9.00am as well as making the 20th a holiday.

3.52 BBC and CNN are dropped from UBC, the key cable network provider.

6.02 PDR delegate heads of military divisions as directors of peace keeping.

(details not totally confirmed)


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