Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1st announcement of the group of reformation to keep democracy and repect the King. (translation of their official name)

By you have cleary seen, the govern of current goverment has make many argues in Thai people as never been seen in Thai history. Each side of argument try to win in many way and this situation seem to be worst. For most of Thai people has doubt in the goverment, for it likely to take part in many corruptions. Independent organization has been intervened until cannot be functional as declared in the constiute. The govern also likely to disrepect the King for many times. Even there're many attemps to solve this but all were failed.

Therefore, the group which combined with head of armies and national police have to take govern in Thailand. We assure Thai people that we didn't have intent to govern this country by ourself, but we try to give back the power to Thai people as fast as we could. All of these for peace and national security and respect in the King all we respected.

September 19, 2006. 23.50.

Gen. Sonthi Bunnyaratkalin
Head of the group.


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