Sunday, September 24, 2006

The coup got its' own website. You all may get its' official statment there. The English page has less information than Thai which contain all announcement but I think it still useful if you interest about the coup.

FYI, the coup's official English name is The Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

10.45pm (GMT+7), Sep 23

Well, after I was drove around bangkok downtown I think the situation now is as same as before the coup, you guys who worried about your trip in Thailand please don't worry much ;).

As of now, it's no curfew, no mob, people can go everywhere they want (except some prohibits places, you know where ;)).

The band of authors are always welcome you who want to visit our land of smile.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks you all for visiting and comments. I just notice we are presented on "Blog of Notes".

Nothing new today. The rumours now concentrate on the next PM. The best candidate one for this time is the president of administration court. Preedeeyatorn, who currently held the president of the bank of thailand seems want to be Minister of Finance instead.

Another news said that the coup is in negotiate with Supachai, Thai director of UNCTAD because of his international highly profile.

Current situation is turned to be fun event. Everybody, especially the kids, are very excited with the tanks and the troops, which aren't common things on the street.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This blog is intended to provide local news, media and perspective of Thailand Coup Event on 19th September 2006 to the world.

The band of authors let all content to be licensed under Public Domain.
I think you would be like to see some photo from Thai people. “” the largest Thai webboard community has many threads posting photo from people who went near the parliament. Yeah, they went to the parliament which surrounded by the tanks and take photos. You can see the photo on these threads: #1, #2.

Noted that “” also host the Rajdumnern webboard that I said shut down last night, while Rajdumnern still closed, others webboard on sill working as usual.
We're still alive.

Now, mainstream media including newspaper and TV are back in place and return their normal operation. So the need of independent media like us or other blogs are lower. This blog is going to halt anytime in near future. In all means, it can prove that internet, non-mainstream media can be useful in critical situation like yesterday. Thanks you all for reading and spreading this.

Ok let get back into news update:
  • 13:00. The coup invited many ambassadors from various contries and organization like UN for meeting. As mentioned below, new temporary constitution in 2 weeks, new prime minister who must be civilian, neutral and democracy-advocate as soon as possible.
  • One interesting question is from Japanese representative: Will the coup file any case against Thaksin? The answer is nothing to do with him and his family. Thaksin still has full citizenship's right.
In late afternoon around 15:30, press can reach the coup leaders and ask question. Main idea is the same.
  • New PM in 2 weeks, he or she will work with new council to reformate the politic within 1 year. New PM will have fully authority to choose his cabinet.
  • The other question is about inspiration of this operation. Gen Sonthi didn't state clearly, he just said that it's depended on current situation and there is no one behind him and the army.
  • The coup also address that this is not related with the soutern part of Thailand situation. For that, The 4th Army who has responsibility in soutern part is on the way solving problem.
  • More ex-government, Thai Rak Thai party key people show up and tell the press that they are fine and aren't arrested.
The next PM isn't announced yet. Rumour said that there are 2 candidates. First is Preedeyatorn, who is director of Bank of Thailand (the central bank). Second one is Dr. Sumeth, who works for the King's Foundation.

I think in next few days, the news will be less because overall situation seems to be settled enough and new government are on the way. Please expected less frequent update of this blog.

At this moment, all Thai public television has been restored to normal program. But on cable TV such as CNN or BBC, there’s still censorship when the reporter mention to Thailand.

The television also has an announcement that the King has signed an order to redirect all officers to take command from the coup.
16.15 (GMT+7), Sep 20

The coup said, they will draft a temporary constitution and also appoint a temporary government within 2 weeks. After that they will let a temporary government to do their jobs and draft a constitution within 1 year.

This approach is not clear as long as a temporary government is appointed.
16.00 (GMT+7), Sep 20

Vice permanent secretry of Ministry of Transport said the grand opening schedule of Suvannabhumi Airport is not yet decided to shift or not, however as of now the schedule still on September 28, 2006.

I think to change a opening schedule is very difficult to arranged due to many airway's offices are already moved to the new location, but final decision depends on the coup.
15:28, 20 Sep

Yellow vs. Blue Ribbin Army !!

Hot from the world of viral news circle. A reliable information source helps clarify an emerging worry. There is a report of large-scale military unit marching from the North wearing blue ribbin on their uniform and guns. This has caused some misunderstanding as yesterday's army was all wearing yellow ribbin. Many speculates the blue ribbin to come from pro-thanksin army.

This is not true. Reliable information source confirmed that the blue ribbin army is actually the same side with yellow ribbin. They use blue ribbin because the color-blue belongs to the cavalry unit. They were called by the cheif of army to back-up the force in Bangkok for peace keeping.

They were also now ordered to change from blue to yellow ribbin in order to aviod confusion. All the army units are on the same side. There is no pro-thaksin army coming from the North as some people has speculated.

What a relief :)
14:00pm, 20 Sep

News on CH9 reports that tomorrow almost every schools will open again. Only few schools which are in risk area can be closed for another day, this is up to the director of each school. I don't know what "risk" actually means, maybe in the soutern part of Thailand.

Tomorrow (21st) will be normal work day.

Since my office is in the same building with Ministry of ICT, my colleage just told me via phone that he can't get into the building campus, Tank-controlled, Amazing!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

12.40pm (GMT+7) on Sep 20

Thai Airways International was announced that all flights are operated as normal.
Now TV news reports come back to normal state. This blog may update less frequently.

The latest news in 12:00 report is PM Thaksin still stays in the US, he can't go to UK bacause of flight problem.
I just have googling around and realize many sites/blogs link back to us as local news source. Some worry about violence, political unstable, as well as their friends who currently are in Thailand or considering to cancel their trip to Thailand.

I want to state cleary that there is no Gun Fire or any violence until now and doesn't tend to be too. Live seems to be as usual, anyone can walk around the street, some companies still open. So you don't have to worry about safety for your friends or relatives, Thai or non-Thai, who currently are in all part of the country. They may be exited but they all are still fine.

Anyway, I admit that political situation remain unclear. News reports that the Airport is very crowded. So if you think returning to your home country or cancelling the trip will make you feel better, you should do it immediately. But if you're on the way, don't worry much.
Podcast on This morning's PDR annoucement.

powered by ODEO
The coup call senior officer of each ministry and university's dean to Army Headquater. Some officers who publicly know that be anti-Thaksin show their delight to the press. Thaksin-support group don't show up themselves as expected.

Reaction from Thai citizen seems to be in diversity. Some anti-Thaksin group give flowers to the troop. Anti-coup movement can be seen online via forum/blog. It doesn't tend to have any violence in all area.

Today schedule
  • The coup invite the ambassador to Army Headquater around 12:00
  • Gen Sonthi will talk to the press and media around 14:00
Local News Update
  • Bangkok Biznews - PM Thaksin left US to UK. (He already has mansion in London)
  • Prachathai - Pojaman, Thaksin's wife, left Thailand to Singapore last night. Some key people in the Cabinet are arrested.
8.50am, 20 Sep

General Sonthi prepare to first broadcast on 9.00am. Check back again on this blog.

9.09am (GMT+7), 20 Sep

All free TV still broadcasts the King documentaries.


First official announcement is on. The coup shows up in 5 people.
  • Gen Sonthi, Army Commander and leader of the Coup
  • Royal Thai Air Force Commander
  • Royal Thai Navy Commander
  • Supreme Command Headquater Commander
  • Head of the Police

Gen Sonthi

Air Force Commander and Police Commander

The content is nothing new. They just said they need to seize the power and don't intend to be government. They promise to give back the democracy as soon as possible and ask the citizen to stay in peace.

Now all TV channel return to their normal program.
8.17am (GMT+7) on September 20, 2006.

Lastest announcement on TV regarding to the head of Democratic Reform Council official statement about this situation on 9.00am (GMT+7), and normal TV program can be boardcast from now on.

author - it seems free TV still boardcasting the King documentaries and Cable TV still blocked.

8.26am (GMT+7) - Channel 11 and ITV are back to their normal program.

8.37am (GMT+7) - ITV is back to the King documentaries again, but Channel 11 is boardcasting not related this matter program. Cable TV channels are back to their normal programs, except CNN, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and CCTV.

8.51am (GMT+7) - All cable TV channels are blocked again, local free TV channels are back to the King documentaries again, except channel 11
Satellite government?

There is now a rumor that Thaksin's cabinet and politicial figures are now plan to hold a satellite government in Singapore with the hope to lobby the UN to back them as the true representative government.

Again, just a rumor.
07.39am (GMT+7) on September 20, 2006

It seems that all local Free TV channels are still taken over by the Coup. They're boardcasting only His Majesty the King related Ads and rerun last night annoucement, nobody knows when this matter will finish. Cable TV channels are still blocking by the Coup eg. HBO, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and of course CNN and BBC.

Our only one way to get the lastest development News is internet, CNN or BBC still accessable.

From dusk ’til dawn on the revolution day

20.30 Early military movement; 4 Bangkok-Lopburi buses contain soldiers arrive at the Army head quarter along with other military vehicles.

21.00 Media secured; All major television channels stop broadcasting their own programme and replaced by King’s documentaries. Military took full control of news rooms.

21.30 Thaicom satellite takeover; 70 military men took over Thaicom satellite command station.

22.00 Tanks to government house, 10 tanks from the 4th cavalry division moved to the government headquarter. Once there, the army seized the place.

22.20 Thaksin declared state of emergency from New York. Thaksin tried to sack Sonthi Boonyaratklin, head of the army and the leader of Party of Democratic Reform (the revolutionary group). He tried to get supreme military commander to be in charge but also failed. The government spokesperson and the minister of foreign affair told international reporters that the government still has total control over the country. Of course not. Thaksin also canceled his address to the U.N. Rumor has it that Thaksin has made a deal with U.S. president Bush in flying U.S. commandos along with Thaksin to fight back to situation. Again, next to impossible.

23.00 The Party of Democractic Reform announced their first message on blue screen (TV) and radio confirming their take-over and ask for people cooperation.

23.50 The Party of Democratic Reform (PDR) announced their rationale in coup making. Mainly accused Thaksin government of creating prolonged crisis as well as inappropriate dealing with monarchy.

01.53 PDR announced Sonthi as acting prime minister. The constitution, cabinet, senate and constitution court are dropped.

2.41 PDR met the king. Announcing key civil servant officials to report in the morning at 9.00am as well as making the 20th a holiday.

3.52 BBC and CNN are dropped from UBC, the key cable network provider.

6.02 PDR delegate heads of military divisions as directors of peace keeping.

(details not totally confirmed)

There is a photo-journal of yesterday's coup event. Click here to link to photo-journal.
We will go to sleep for a while, tomorrow will be a long day, keep checking this site.
Around 3:00am on 20th Sep. Another announcement on TV.

1st and 2nd commands from Democratic Reform Council (AKA the Coup)

  • 1st command
    • All management level of government office and
    • All university's president in metro and neighbor area have to report for duty at head quarter of army force on September 20, 2006 at 09.00 (GMT+7)
  • 2nd command
    • Due to uncontrollable situation in Bangkok metro, Democratic Reform Council was announced that it's government office and bank holiday on September 20, 2006. Also for Stock Exchange of Thailand.
02.39: Rajdumnern, a very popular Thai political webboard has been shut down for over crowded news and argument
Another rumor says the ministry of labor was announced that all company and government office are stop working on September 20, 2006 due to the uncontrollable situation in bangkok metropolis.

This is still rumor.

2.31 (GMT+7) on September 20, 2006 - Confirmed

Head of the Coup command that it's government and bank holiday on September 20, 2006. Also for Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Profile of General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin, who is Royal Thai Army commander-in-cheif and leader of this coup. From Wikipedia.
Another information source
2:19AM, 20th Sep 2006

The TV just reported that the Coup leaders already visited the King's place and reported him about this event. After that, they went back to Army Command for further discussion.

Another "the Coup" blog, same as this site but in Thai.

There are plenty of rumours around for now
  • Internet Connection will be cut down in several hours
  • The King already sign the acceptance for new interim PM, which is the supreme judge of administrative court.
I have no source from professional publisher. So leave these as rumours first. I try to be based on fact as much as possible.
More local news
The 4th Announcement said that every minister's right and power is transfered to permanent secretary of each ministry.

More Tanks
(Thanks Sunith for pictures)

Here come the Tanks!! We haven't seen you for 15 years.
Alternative VDO from YouTube. (Same as Google Video below, lower quality)

Direct link.
More updated local news source
International News Source
Footnote: This coup uses the benefit that PM Thaksin leave the country for the UN meeting at New York. Although, Thaksin seems to know about this before and try talking to some generals to solve this before he leave Thailand. can't be reached. Don't know this is intentional or not.

Another news source from Reuters
. The content seems to be up-to-date as this blog at the moment.
4th announcement:

  1. While there's no formal prime minister, the command will come from the coup.
  2. All departement take command from the coup until there's other announcement.

Our story on digg. Help dugg it!
20 Sep 0.59 (GMT+7)

All cable TV channels (eg. HBO, Cinemax, NG, Discovery channel) are blocked

1st announcement of the group of reformation to keep democracy and repect the King. (translation of their official name)

By you have cleary seen, the govern of current goverment has make many argues in Thai people as never been seen in Thai history. Each side of argument try to win in many way and this situation seem to be worst. For most of Thai people has doubt in the goverment, for it likely to take part in many corruptions. Independent organization has been intervened until cannot be functional as declared in the constiute. The govern also likely to disrepect the King for many times. Even there're many attemps to solve this but all were failed.

Therefore, the group which combined with head of armies and national police have to take govern in Thailand. We assure Thai people that we didn't have intent to govern this country by ourself, but we try to give back the power to Thai people as fast as we could. All of these for peace and national security and respect in the King all we respected.

September 19, 2006. 23.50.

Gen. Sonthi Bunnyaratkalin
Head of the group.
0:40 (GTM+7) on 20th Sep 2006
Third Annoucement from The Coup
  • The current constitution is dropped
  • The carbinet, house of representative, house of senator and the constitutional court are dropped as well
  • other type of court remains
  • The King representative remains
General Sonthi, who is the commander of the army, sign as the leader of the coup.
Third announcement from the Coup:

The Coup has declared to cancel constitute, senate, constitution court, and house of representatives.

The announcement signed by Gen. Sonthi Bunnyarut, Head of the coup.
Google Video - TV Announcement from the Coup

or link directly here
International News Source
00.26 Thai goverment announce to immobilize all troops in Thailand.
Exact message from the coup:

เมื่อเวลา 23.20 น. พล.ต.ประภาส สกุนตนาค โฆษกคณะปฏิรูปการปกครองในระบอบประชาธิปไตยอันมีพระมหากษัตริย์เป็นประมุข ประกาศคณะปฏิรูปการปกครองใจความว่า

พี่น้องประชาชนที่เคารพเนื่องด้วยขณะนี้คณะปฏิรูปการปกครองในระบอบประช าธิปไตยอันมีพระมหากษัตริย์ เป็นประมุข ซึ่งประกอบด้วย ผู้บัญชาการเหล่าทัพและผู้บัญชาการตำรวจแห่งชาติ ได้เข้าควบคุมสถานการณ์ในเขตพื้นที่กรุงเทพมหานคร และปริมณฑลไว้ได้แล้ว โดยไม่มีการขัดขวาง เพื่อเป็นการรักษาความสงบเรียบร้อยของบ้านเมือง จึงขอความร่วมมือประชาชนให้ความร่วมมือ และขออภัยในความไม่สะดวกมา ณ ที่นี้ด้วย

23:54 (GTM+7) 19th September 2006

TV shows the First Announcement of military coup. Picture same as below.

The representative said that Thaksin's government has lond damaged the country and cause many corruption. So the military commander and police supreme commander decide to seize the power suddenly. They insist they don't intend to be the new government and will give the power back to democracy again.

After the blue message below, around 23:00 (GTM+7). This person (seems to be head of the political judge) announce that revolution coup can control Bangkok and ask the citizen to stay calm. Message is the same with the blue one.

TV Screen. Message from the military coup. Around 22:30 (GMT+7)
1.33 (GMT+7) on 20 September 2006
Forth announcement from the Coup:

  • All PM authorities are belongs to head of the group until official PM is appointed.
  • All minister authorities are belongs to under-secretary until head of the group has another announcement.